Will be available to purchase on the registration page for $15.00 or at the event for $20.00. Players will receive a special sticker for their tank at check in which will give them access to air all weekend. 

Direct Action Missions (JTF):

Mission Fee: $40.00

40 Slots available for Friday evening and 40 Slots available for Saturday evening.

Friday December 1st 2017

Gates Open for Camping: 10:00 AM

NO RV Hook Ups available
NO POTABLE water on site

Check In / Chrono Opens / Housing Check In: 1:00 PM

Vendors open for Business: 12:00 PM

Safety Briefing every HOUR (PLAYERS MUST ATTEND)

*Location: Briefing Room within the ISO Camp
3:00 / 4:00 / 5:00 / 7:00 *Last briefing starts at 7:00 pm

Check In / Chrono Closes: 

8:00 PM / 6:00 PM (daylight is needed for chrono)

TAN Command Meeting (Location Briefing Room): 8:00 PM
GREEN Command Meeting (Location Briefing Room): 9:00 PM

 Direct Action Missions (JTF) Begin: 7:00 PM

 AO Facility Closed to Players: 5:00 PM​

Onsite Food:

The ALTAIR mess hall will be open during the entire event serving up breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night snacks!!!! Ice will also be available.

Saturday December 2nd 2017

AO Facility Closed to Players prior to Startex

Check-in / Chrono Opens: 6:30/7:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Safety Briefing every HOUR (PLAYERS MUST ATTEND)
*Location: Briefing Room within the ISO Camp: 7:00 / 8:00 AM
**8:00 starts the last safety briefing in the cafeteria.

Helo Safety Brief: 8:30 AM (Only for players that have bough a helo gun mission ticket)

Formation for Briefing @ TTP City Flag Pole: 9:30 AM

*Platoons form up by Squads at Staging Area*

StartEx EV1 Evolution 1: 10:30 AM
EndEx EV1 Evolution 1: 3:30 PM

Evoluation 2 Formation: 5:30 PM 
​Start Ex Evolution 2:  6:00 PM
Direct Action Missions (JTF) Begin: 7:00 PM
EndEx Evolution 2: 10:00 PM

Lodging Information:

POV Application: Download Here

POV Fee: $25.00

Personal vehicles must be approved by Doomsday Airsoft before you register it on the registration page.

Event Date: December 1st - 3rd 2017

Event Fee: $115.00

Facility Address: 12551 Wainwright Dr. Immokalee, FL 34142

Age Limit: 16+ (Photo ID's / Birth Certificate Required at Check In)

Online Registration: Opens September 1st 2017

Registration Closes: November 18th 2017

Event Waiver: Download Here

Event Ruleset: Download Here


Camping for Friday & Saturday Nights (per tent) - $10.00
Camping for only Saturday Night (per tent) - $5.00

RV/Motorhome for Friday & Saturday Nights - $20.00
RV/Motorhome for only Saturday Night - $10.00

Open Bay Barracks for Friday and Saturday Nights - $59.92
Open Bay Barracks for only Saturday Night - $29.96

Single Hotel rooms for Friday and Saturday Night - $150.00

Duplex for Friday and Saturday Night (per person) - $207.58
*Duplexes have three bedrooms. If you're NOT splitting a duplex with friends/teammates you may be placed in a house with 2 other players. 


Sunday December 3rd 2017

Formation for Morning Brief @ TTP City Parking Lot: 8:30 AM

StartEx Evolution 2: 9:00 AM
EndEx Evolution 2: 1:00 PM

Raffle: 2:00 PM

5:00 PM: All players must vacate the ALTAIR facility.

Tentative Event Schedule:

Helo Training Missions:

Will be available to purchase on the registration page for $145.00 per shooter. Yes you will be in that little bird below!!!

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